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This page will give all the latest news on the band, the members and what's going on with Hollywood Teasze in gerneral. We really recomend to check this page from time to time. If you've got any questions, viewpoints or constributions, please don't hesitate send us your E-Mail!

upcoming shows:

last update November 1999

Nadel Touring Germany with the Kevin K. Band  
In January we'll be touring across Germany, Italy and Austria with Kevin K. from N.Y.C. Part of the Kevin K. Band will be also Ricky and Tony from Detroits one and only TRASH BRATS. 
Guess it will be really cool as it is the first time for Kevin playing in Germany.
As their original drummer carl can't do the tour Andi Hill will be playing with Kevin.

So check it out. 

Kevin K / Hollywood Teasze tour 2000

05.01. Rettenbach (D) - Sonne
06.01. Wetzlar (D) - Franzi's
07.01. Stuttgart (D) - Che
08.01. Bregenz (A) - Between
11.01. Sonthofen (D) - Barfly)
12.01. Kempten (D) - Ritterkeller
13.01. Florenz (I) - Auditorium Flog Italy
14.01. Verona (I) -  Jack the ripper
15.01. Padova (I) - Pedro
17.01. Düsseldorf (D) - AK 47
18.01. Hamburg (D) - Café planet subotnik
19.01. Rostock (D) - MS Stubnitz
20.01. Berlin (D) - Wild at heart
21.01.  Westerkappel (D)
22.01. Freiberg (D) - Club im Schluß
23.01. Leipzig (D) -Ilse's Erika

Nadel  massive airplay on German radio 
"Brainstorm" a really cool promotion company who usually works for major acts like the Offspring, Garbage or Prodigy did a radio promotion for the promosingle containing  "GIRL POWER" and "HANGIN' AROUND".
And instead of a view airplays the single went on daily rotation in some stations. Others at least played it a few times and will still continue to play it from time to time.
Even the guys at Brainstrom have been totally surprized by this great response as they basically did it just to do the band a favour.

So Ihr Deutschen Surfer, diese Zeilen sind exklusiv für Euch. Wäre nett, wenn Ihr uns auf unserem Feldzug zu Ruhm und Ehre ein wenig behilflich sein könntet.
Schickt uns 'ne e-mail mit Eurer Adresse und wir mailen euch die Telefonnummern der Radiostationen die die Single bekommen haben in Eurer Nähe. Was die bravolesenden Quietschies können, habt Ihr doch locker drauf!!! 

After having quite a hard time securing a decent record deal in Germany, Hollywood teasze got signed by German Label "Schlecht und Schwindlig". Apart from the CD "S&S" has also released "NO FLAKES" as a real record. Right now the Italian Management is working on a tour all across Italy with Hollywood Glamsters PRETTY BOY FLOYD for November this year. Please check back later for more information on the tourdates etc.

As the band received loads requests for their two demo tapes "The Wonder Years" and "They might suck... but they suck real hard!!!" The band decidet to re-release both tapes on CD. All songs have been remastered and you'll get an idea why Delinquent Records signed them to record their first masterpiece "Glamdolls in Toyland".

Tracklist: 1.Intro 2.Lovedoll 3.Go Sometime 4.All because of you 5.I don't wanna be alone 6.R'n'R pretty bad boys 7.Will you still love me tomorrow  8.Kiss my ass good bye 9.Nasty girl 10.Don't turn your head 11.Outro 12.Teazse'n'roll x-mas jam (bonus track)

To order your copy please send 25 DM or 15 US$ (shipping is included in germany and Europe). to Hollywood Teasze, Webergasse 28, 87435 Kempten, Germany. Please add 5 US$ for overseashippment.


Nadel  Hollywood Teasze became one of the top selling bands from Delinquent Records

along with D-Molls, Little Rebel and Mister Manic, Hollywood Teasze became one of the best selling artists at their American label Delinquent Records.

For more info one Delinquent Records and other cool release get in touch or check out their website:

Delinquent Records
P.O.Box 2594

wait for Pin to be loaded!Hollywood Teasze on MP3.COM
Songs from "NO FLAKES" and "GLAMDOLLS IN TOYLAND" are now available at www.mp3.com/teasze.


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