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Welcome to the teasze'n'roll 
homeshopping network!!!

Over the next few minutes we'd like to share with you some of the delights we have on offer. we have something for everyone, all at our discount rock bottom prices. Look out for our teasze tasters - this allows you to read all about the individual available products. Also look out for our special offer packs and details on how to place your orders

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Glamdolls in Toyland (CD)
The Wonder Years (tape)
They might suck (tape)

How to order:

Ordering from us couldn't be simpler. It's as easy as A-B-C

  1. All you have to do is view our tempting Teasze tasters and decide what you what from us and check what it will cost you in your currency (as long as it is US$, DM or £) in our article-overview.
  2. Before sealing up the envelope addressed to our mailing address at the bottom of the page, don't forget fo clearly print your name and address ( if you like: phone No, or E-mail address) and very importantly clearly print your order, the item and quantity. Most important of all though - don't forget to include -
  3. Cash or IRC's for the exact amount of your order. Sorry, no VISA or AmEx. If you are in Germany you can send securely packed cash, IRC's or personal cheques to the main German office address. If you're from England you can send cash, IRC's or personal cheques to the UK office. Please make cheques payable to A.Hill. Everywhere else in the world please send your order to the German office. Sorry no personal cheques.

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Where to order:

Please send your order to one of the following addresses.

Hollywood Teasze
Webergasse 28
87435 Kempten
Andi Hill
57 Musswell Hill
N10 3PN

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- Overview on all available items -

Item£ $ DM
CD "Glamdolls in Toyland" 10.00 17 25,-
tape "The Wonder Years" 4.00 7 10,-
tape "They might suck.. but they suck real hard!!" 4.00 7 10,-
Large Poster (pink,red w/ logo) 2.50 4 6,-
Promo Photo 8x102.00 3 4,-

Please add 2 IRC's for shipping if your from outside Europe!!!

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CD "Glamdolls in Toyland" - CD ©1995

cd-coverBack to Index The Hollywood Teasze home shopping network is very pleased to present our N° 1 best seller, the debut CD "Glamdolls in Toyland". 15 tracks of pure bubblegum, including a wicked intro and epilogue. Rave reviews in magazines and fanzines all over the world. "Glamdolls in Toyland" was recorded in Alabama, USA after being signed by Delinquent Records (USA). The CD contains brand new versions of some previously released material, but is mostly packed with brand new hi energy glam-punk pop'n'roll classics.
But hey, don't take our word for it. Listen for yourself on our CD sound sample page, or read the reviews.
We've said it before, but really this CD is a definite must have situation to all pop punk or glam fans and any combination there of!!

"The Wonder Years"
- Demotape ©1995

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This is the one that got Hollywood Teasze their major break after one of the songs was featured on Babylon magazines (Australia) compilation CD "Images of my underworld" and cought the eyes (and ears!) of delinquent records USA who subsequntly signed Hollywood Teasze.

Tracklist: Lovedoll, Go sometimes, All because of you, I don't wanna be alone, R'n'R pretty bad boys, Will you still love me tomorrow

"They might suck...but they suck real hard!!!"
- Demotape ©1993

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The recording debut of Hollywood Teasze. This tape catalogues their first steps into the world of Rock'n'Roll. Produced by their own in 1993. It captures the flair and energy which is still very much present today. This tape includes the classic set finisher (sometimes), "Kiss my ass good bye", "Nasty Girl" and long lost lovesong "Don't turn your head". Listen out for the Loony Tunes Theme, which is on the Wonder Years as well, but hasn't made it on the "Glamdolls" CD (unfortunately!!!)

Please Note!!! When ordering tapes, as we have only limited stock left, maybe E-mail us first to check on availability and to reserve what you want. Once they've gone, they've gone for ever - so order now!!!

Hollywood Teasze - logo poster

We are proud to present our "Best Seller". The patented "Wall Poster". The unique design allows you to actually put it on your wall. It has a rectangular shape with a size of 69 x 58 centimeters which makes it great for covering holes, cracks or even just to look at!
  • Ideal for brightening up that dull looking room - No wall is complete without the HOLLYWOOD TEASZE "Wall Poster".
  • The "Wall Poster" has two sides for that added entertainment. The front side features some colours and words, where as the reverse side features a white Dog standing by an Igloo during a snow storm.
  • Affix to your wall with tacks, pins, blu tac, sellotape or chewing gum (not supplied)

  • Not suitable for underwater use

    Do not hesitate. Place your order today while stocks still last

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Promo Photo

promo pictureYou won't be bringing these guys home to meet your mother. This candid shot of the band was cought on film in one of the pubs, the band likes to hang out.

We've got also tons of the two older promo shots left. So if you wanna get some of these as well just add it to your order and we'll send it to you FOR FREE!!!*

*Only available with any regular purchase

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