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Hollywood Teasze are:
Frank E. Guitar - vocals & guitar
Chris Lakriz - bass & vocals
Andi Hill - drums

...Hollywood Teasze was formed in late 1990 by blonde (sometimes pink or even yellow)-haired bass player Chris Lakriz. The line-up was completed by Frank E.Guitar on guitar/vocals and Harry la Bumm on drums. In their rural Bavarian region the audience was first shocked by their strange make-ups and audacious performances. But after a while people figured that there was absolutely no other band around that served that kind of dish, composed of pure excitement, fun and entertainment, just as Hollywood Teasze did. So they started diggin´ that Teasze´n´Roll thing: they just felt that everything these three guys do comes straight from their hearts with absolutely no compromises, or, to put it in a better term, are not faking anything!"

... Hollywood Teasze played loads of headlining shows like some support gigs for bands like The Bates, Captain Sensible, The Trash Brats, Bollock Brothers, Yeti Girls...all across Germany

... the Band recorded two demo tapes (They might suck... but they suck real hard!!! and The Wonder Years) which gave them major feedback in the worldwide underground scene.

... Babylon Magazine (Australia) released a compilation CD in 1995 which features Hollywood Teasze along with bands like, Queeny Blast Pop, Erotic Suicide, Blackboard Jungle...

... in 1995 they recorded their first CD, titled Glamdolls in Toyland, in Decatur, Alabama, which is distributed worldwide thru Perris Records (USA).

... in 1996 Harry la Bumm left the band and was replaced by Andi Hill from England (ex Babydolls, Astro Vamps, Jaimz Gang)

...the month of May 1996 saw the teasze boys touring yet again, but this time with none other than Detroits finest "The Trash Brats". This tour was unbelievable! The bands worked so well together, had the coolest of time and have become best of friends. Look for some "exchange dates" possible early `97 in America.
The tour took both bands all over Germany playing major cities such as Hamburg, Duisburg, Bremen etc. along with some smaller cities like Ulm, Kempten and surrounding. The bands went down a storm and played to crowds up to 600 strong, which was great- as many shows were in un-chartered territory!!

... in 1997 the band wrote new songs and played loads of gigs all over Europe. They have also toured Germany with the goodfather of Punkrock "Capain Sensible". During the tour Cpt. Sensible got totally into the band and told HT that he'd like to produce the next album.

... in 1998 Hollywood Teasze recored and relased their sencond CD titled "NO FLAKES" which has already caused a big buzz in the world-wide underground szene. Unfortunaltely Cpt. Sensible wasen't available at this time (but he also loves NO FLAKES a lot)  Swedish Online Mag "Glitzine" nominatet "NO FLAKES" as the album of the year. Apart from this the band continued to increase their popularity by touring touring touring.
After having a blast touring Italy the year before. Hollywood Teasze found a really cool Management for Italy who booked an awesome tour where the band played in front of up the 1500 people.
No Flakes got loads of killer reviews from all over the world and the band was able to secure distribution deals in the US, Greece, Hungary, Italy and Australia.

... in 1999 No Flakes continued to get loads of awesome reviews and finally signed a record deal with German label "Schlecht und Schwindlig" which has distribution via "WE BITE" in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Early this year the band went on tour in Italy again which again became a highlight in the bands history. to promote NO FLAKES in Australia, Recognion records are working in a tour for the Band in Australia this summer as for December another tour across Italy is planned with L.A.'s very own Pretty Boy Flyod.

... to be continued

They might suck... but they suck real hard!!! (tape) © 1993
The Wonder Years (tape) © 1995
Glamdolls in Toyland (CD) © 1995
No Flakes (CD) © 1998
The Demo Years (CD) © 1999

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